Alan L. Johnson, DC


serving Cedarburg / Grafton and Ozaukee County

Alan L. Johnson, DC


serving Cedarburg / Grafton and Ozaukee County


W69 N968 Washington Avenue

Cedarburg, WI  53012


Mavis            age 79

After a routine filling at my dentist, a week later I was diagnosed with TMJ by my dentist. Symptoms involved severe pain to right side of my face (jaw and ear area). While in the care of Dr. Johnson, not only did my TMJ steadily improve, but surprisingly, a foray of un-related maladies including chronic upper and lower back discomfort decreased dramatically.  I am currently 85% pain free and extremely grateful to Dr. Johnson.

Whitney          age 21

(I consulted Dr. Johnson for) severe lower back pain- chronic. I have had the condition for about 3 years, SI joint problems. I saw a Chiropractor for years, with good results, but the pain kept coming back at the same level. …I wasn’t sure about the activator method, but I’m fully convinced with the results! I would highly recommend Dr. Johnson for anyone with back or acid reflux problems. Especially if they have fibromyalgia.

Guy            age 53

I originally started going to Chiropractors' 20 years ago. Always "Activator"--great results! You'd be surprised what can be helped besides a sore back!


Annette           age 68


I was first introduced to chiropractic about 25 years ago. A friend of mine was very interested in alternative medicine, which until then I had not considered. I had shoulder pain that interfered with my life, and nothing seemed to help. Not that I went to a medical doctor, I just put heat on it and massaged it, that kind of thing. So when my friend suggested I try a chiropractor I was dubious. The first doctor I saw was the traditional kind, who "crunched" me. While I did get some relief, I didn't like the method.


When I heard about Dr. Johnson, I felt that this was the way for me to go. I consulted him and the Activator Method was so much more effective than my previous experience, and so much more comfortable, that I was a convert.


My original shoulder pain went away. Down the years I have developed back pain, hip pain, shoulder pain (a different kind), heart arrhythmia and knee problems, and Dr. Johnson has always been able to help. It may take a little time, a few weeks perhaps, but it's so much better than tons of medication or worse, surgery. I am faithful with my exercises, as he suggests, and that helps, too.


Dr. Johnson is a brilliant diagnostician. He seems to have a sixth sense about what ails you, and what will help you. I know that he keeps up with everything that is current in his field, too, so you can be sure that you are getting the latest treatment.


I would, and do, recommend chiropractic any time. I'd be a pretzel, doomed to spend my life on a couch, without Dr. Johnson and I'm not at all reluctant to say so!


Wendy       age 61                


I have had cervical, thoracic and low back pain for many years.  The cervical pain would cause severe headaches, my ribs become involved in the thoracic pain and more recently my leg along with the low back pain. 


I have been a patient of Dr. Johnson's for some years now. I do feel better for longer periods of time.  He has helped me through several "accidents" with excellent results, using adjustments and exercises. 

Dr. Johnson is always very patient with me and explains all treatments thoroughly.

Diane         age 86                


I have been a patient of Dr. Johnson's for about 8 years and he has helped me tremendously.  I would certainly not be as active as I am at my age (86) if it weren't for regular treatments by Dr. Johnson!